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My Mission:

Discover important touchstones that will drive growth for your brand from the inside out.

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Here's what you get:

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No waste, no fluff, nothing hidden.
My goal is to help you uncover trends in your business, understand how users are interacting with your site and your marketing, and serve the right ads the right way to achieve success.

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A well-oiled...man?

I'm doing it. I've been doing it. I'm here to help you do it (in the following ways):

  • ~Marketing strategy & direction~
  • ~Ad platform management~
  • ~Dynamic Reporting~
  • ~Creative thinking~
  • ~Data Analytics~
  • ~Site CRO~
  • ~More~
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A Team Member

I'm not an agency, I'm just me — and it's a good thing!
You can expect me to feel like a member of the team. I'll be available for weekly meetings, I'll join your Slack, your Teams, your Asana, your Trello, etc. Just plug me in, and I'll go.


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Hi, my name's David. 👋
I love to long-travel and I usually move to a new country every couple of years. I'm idiosyncratic and my partner would say I'm an idiot - but not when it comes to marketing!

I was at an agency for 7 years before deciding I could do better work outside of that structure. During my tenure in agency life I worked with many dozens of clients; often around 15 at a time! That's why I left; there are only so many hours in a week and I want to spend mine doing real problem-solving, creative thinking, and giving my attention to a few clients I love working with.

That's not to say my time there wasn't valuable! I got to work with great companies in varying industries around e-commerce, subscriptions, resorts, educational courses, and more.
It's given me a great range that helps me sort through the problems a business might be facing and understand how to help them achieve great outcomes.

Reach out and let's see what working together looks like!

Other people validated me, so you know I'm for real...

“David was an integral part of our success with Goodwin. He was able to help provide analytical insight into accounts, drive growth and help clients understand the strategies at play. David is a fast learner, easy to get along with and adds tremendous value to brands trying to grow in a challenging environment.”

Stewart Goodwin, Founder of Goodwin Media

Stewart Goodwin

Founder / Goodwin Media

"David played an integral role in growing Hydroviv from ~4500k to $10M in annual revenue (profitably), which ultimately led to us being acquired.  Given that I had no digital marketing background, I most valued David's rare combination of creativity, analysis, and experience which allowed him to help identify where improvements can be made, and come up with a plan to improve things.  It's also worth pointing out that he does all of this with integrity and a collaborative mindset that makes others around him better."

Eric Roy, Founder of Hydroviv

Eric Roy

Founder / Hydroviv

"David is the best! He always gets results and is so smart and hardworking. I love working with him because he is humble and down-to-earth. He is simply amazing!"

Jeremiah Allen, Founder of Fat Bullfrog

Jeremiah Allen

Founder / Fat Bullfrog

"David directed our digital ad account leading the strategy and coordinating between our own promotional calendar.  While his understanding of the marketing landscape was much deeper than my own, he always took the time to share the thinking behind his direction and made sure everyone was onboard with the plan."

Sean Dimin, Founder of Sea To Table

Sean Dimin

Co-Founder / Sea to Table

"David is a Google genius/wizard. He was able to do things with my account that I have never seen replicated by any individual or agency. He was always responsive and communicative with creating and achieving goals. He was also responsible and thoughtful when it came to our spend. He will be a tremendous asset to any company he works with."

Hindi Zeidman

Founder / The Ollie World

can't wait to hear from you!

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right now I'm in Mexico

Drop a line if you're in Guadalajara, Mexico - let's get tea!

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